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Our mission
Plasti Lab is committed to exceed customer expectations by striving to provide outstanding customer service, product quality, production flexibility, high production output, and competitive prices.
Our vision
Plasti Lab aims to achieve sustained development on a worldwide scope and seeks to enhance its success as a global key player in the manufacture of plastic laboratory and medical products.
Our values
Plasti Lab is a family owned company which believes in the importance of strong traditional values and morals. We work with the spirit of providing our community with the means to lead healthier lives, in addition to placing our focus on people's needs.
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Petri Dishes
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Specimen Containers
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Safety Boxes
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Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes - Vacurate ®
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Blood Collection Tubes
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Conical Tubes
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Test Tubes
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Micropipette Tips
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Inoculating Loops
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Medlab 2019

Visit our Booth at the Medlab Exhibition in Dubai and check our produ...

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Zdravookhraaneniye 2018

Visit our booth at Zdravookhraneniye Exhibition in Moscow in stand 21F...

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Medica 2018

Visit our Booth at the Medica Exhibition in Dusseldorf Germany in Hall...

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Plasti Lab has emerged as a worldwide leader in its scope with sales covering all continents!
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